From a town-planning point of view, the restoration necessitated the renovation of the building with the subdivision of the first floor into 2 units. The first unit, located further within the block, kept its designation as "residential", while the second, which overlooks Via Maitani, had its designation changed to that of "business" for the creation of private offices/professional studios for Ingenium Engineering srl.

From a construction point of view, the restoration involved internal works to subdivide the space, to equip it with the necessary facilities, and to carry out all necessary finishing touches (painting, upholstery etc).

The building, of considerable architectural interest, was declared a place of particularly important interest in accordance with Decree 22/11/78 by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Environment (Law no. 1089, 1 June 1939) and therefore is subject to all the conservation provisions contained in the current laws in force under Legislative Decree no. 42, 22 January 2004, "The regulations of cultural goods and the countryside, in accordance with article 10 of law no. 137, 6 July 2002".

The anticipated division of the building and the renovation of one of the two units as offices, does not alter in any way, the structure or the layout of the building.


Committente privato

Via Maitani, 3 - Centro Storico, Orvieto, Terni (TR) Umbria - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 80.000,00

Technical services
Rilievo dell’immobile, Progetto definitivo, Pratica edilizia Progetto esecutivo e Direzione Lavori