Project for the award of the completion work and of the works of museum exhibition of Rocca Pia in Tivoli

The restoration and accomodation project of the museum of Rocca Pia in Tivoli, was started in 2005 with the drafting of the final project, continued in 2007 with the final design and made with the work started in 2008 and completed in 2009. The testing of the work was completed in December 2012.
These work relate to the completion of the restoration and museum exhibition of Rocca Pia in Tivoli, with the goal of returning to public use an outstanding monument of the historic center.
Overall it is:

1. the completion of finishing works, provided by the executive project, but later withdrawn;
2. repair situations which have occurred following the 2011-2012 winter season, during which the lowering of the temperature and snow have caused serious damage to the roof coverings and to the protection scope of the summit of the walls of the building, as well as to plastered surfaces of the walls of the terraces;
3. amendment of certain defects of works;
4. limited interventions not provided by the project executive, which would improve both the use, both the preservation of the building.
5. internal works (furniture and display elements) for the museum exhibition

Comune di Tivoli

Tivoli, (RM), Lazio - Italia

Starting work

Arch. Maria Margarita Segarra Lagunes (progettista incaricata)

Works bill
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Technical services
Documenti esecutivi per l'affidamento dei lavori di completamento e per le opere di allestimento museale della Rocca Pia a Tivoli