“Well Treatment” Plant NAOC (Nigerian Agip Oil Company) waters of Okpai – Nigeria

This operation involves the building of a treatment plant for the water coming from superficial and deep wells destined for sanitary uses in the adjacent thermoelectric centre. On entrance, the water undergoes a process of clarification, oxidation, filtration, separation and decantation which allows the production of clarified water for the use of the centre. The plant will occupy an overall area of approximately 7660 m and will be made up four tanks, two rectangular and two circular, covered with earth to a maximum depth of 8 m from the surface, two rectangular buildings and a filter zone. The area is characterised by the presence of a surface layer near to the ground level, therefore after carrying out the reclamation of the entire distribution area by means of using sand and gravel materials, it is planed to carry out excavations by using sheet piling of adequate dimensions, in association with well-point systems; such operations are preparatory to building the tanks and the foundation works. The underground tanks (oxidation basin, clariflocculator, sludge-thickener and clarified water tank) and the chemical product stockroom will be built on poles of different diameters and depths, while the mud building and the filter zone will have direct-type foundations.

The project by Ingenium engineering srl has examined the provisional works (sheet-piling - well-point system), the organisation of the area and internal roads (general plan), the architectural design of the underground tanks and the buildings and the calculations of the above-ground and foundation structures, as well as the plan for the underground works (adduction tubes, connection tubes and electrics).



Niger River, Asaba Okpay - Nigeria - Africa

Starting work


Works bill
€ 8.000.000,00

Technical services
Executive project for civil works