Interventions of hydraulic engineering for the construction of 5 photovoltaic plants in the Puglia Region of the power of about 1 MW each in the Puglia Region.

The purpose of the hydraulic studies is to verify the suitability of the sites in relation to their hydrogeological and hydraulic characteristics, as well as provide information on the correct regulation of the water sliding surface. Therefore, after a careful analysis of the geological-structural, of geomorphology of the sites and of hydraulic and hydrographic aspects with evaluation of the basin with water flows, we have been proposed works to the retention and hydraulic arrangement to ensure the accessibility and usability of site even in critical weather conditions. The main intervention "direct" contemplates the construction of a canal in the earth perimeter fence, which follows in principle the slopes of the rural plan, in order to prevent the entrance in the area of stormwater runoff from areas upstream and in order to lead to a rapid removal of stormwater collected on the area itself. The project provides interventions for regulation of the water aimed at ensuring the natural flow to the canal at the edge of the implant through the remodeling of the same area with a slopes towards the outer perimeter channel.
We will also need to use specific devices (indirect actions) in the construction of a road service and follow precise directions on construction criteria of the cabins and ancillary buildings.

Imet spa

provincia di Lecce, Lecce (LE), Puglia - Italia

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Works bill
€ 300.000,00

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Report about interventions of hydraulic engineering