Construction of a wind-energy park at Porto Torres (SS) producing 50 MW of power

In the course of carrying out the Environmental Impact Evaluation in accordance with Leg. Decree 152/2006 and subsequent amendments and DGS no.24/23 of 23/04/2008 the autonomous region of Sardinia, the Environmental Sustainability and Evaluation, Impact and Information Systems Service (SAVI) requested some input into the final draft drawn up by FW Power srl. In particular they requested the detailed study of works of consolidation and protection of embankments and mountainsides and hydraulic/hydrologic systems.

The works proposed by Ingenium can be summarised as the intersection of the pre-existing, surface hydrographical grid and a modest hydraulic operation to control the water from the road. With regard to the works to consolidate the embankment, some specific actions, corresponding to the new road and the ultimate positions of the wind-turbines, have been outlined.

To fulfil the request made by SAVI, photo-inserts were created at the most appropriate points for the visual impact evaluation.


FW Power Srl

loc. Biunisi - Monte Rosa - Porto Torres, Sassari (SS) Sardegna - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 120.000.000,00

Technical services
Integrazioni al progetto definitivo: interventi di ingegneria naturalistica e fotoinserimenti