Construction of a photovoltaic plant, with an electrical output of 8.9 MW, in the district of Tuscania (VT)

The plan is for the construction of a photovoltaic plant with an electrical output of 8.9 MWp to be installed in the municipality of Tuscania (VT) in the district of Spalle della Ciuffa. The land is accessible by the country road of Pian della Ciuffa which is connected via SP Marta Montebello to SP 3 Tarquiniense.

The plant, in its entirety, will incorporate 9 photovoltaic subfields obtained by connecting in parallel, respectively, 262 strings of 12 high-performance modules in mono-crystalline silicone (SUNPOWER 315 Wp or similar) per section of plant. In total the plant will be composed of 28,296 modules. Taking into account the data on the average annual solar radiation on the surface of the modules (1,709.72 kWh/m2/per year), it is estimated the plant will produce 12,180,780.99 kWh per year, net.

The photovoltaic plant will be connected to the electric grid of the TERNA company, which will collect the energy produced. The connection to the national grid will be by means of a 10km long conduit which will mostly affect ordinary roads.



Ingenium Investment & Consulting srl

Loc. Spalle della Ciuffa, Tuscania, Viterbo (VT) Lazio - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 27.000.000,00

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