Construction of electrical connection duct, related works and infrastructure for a photovoltaic field in the municipality of Lanuvio (RM) – Bellavista 2

The working plan anticipates the creation of a conduit connection to the RTN of a photovoltaic centre in the municipality of Lanuvio (RM) in the district of Bellavista. The field in question has a maximum electrical output of approximately 2 MW but during the initial phase of installation this will be limited to about 999.81 kWp.

The plan adopted to connect to the MT distribution grid will conform to the needs of ENEL and in the details, provides for the building of a delivery hut near to the Bellavista2 photovoltaic plant and approximately 720 m of MT line in underground cable, protected by a 160 mm Ø corrugation by means of a trio of cables - type ARE4H5EX 3x(1x185) mmq

Furthermore the planning will comprise the works and connected infrastructure (MT delivery hut for the connection to the public electric grid) in the territory of the municipality of Lanuvio, including the presentation of documentation at the office of the Civil Engineers.


SOL 3 srl

loc. Bellavista, Lanuvio, Roma (RM) Lazio - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 4.200.000,00

Technical services
Progetto esecutivo, Deposito strutture al Genio Civile, As Built, Direzione Lavori