Construction of a photovoltaic plant in the Roccella Jonica municipality (RC), district of Canne, with an electrical output of 2.7 MW

The plant is comprised of two photovoltaic subfields obtained by connecting in parallel, respectively 254 strings of 22 modules (type TRINA TSM-DA05 240 Wp) per section of installation. In total the plant will be comprised of 11,176 modules. The total annual energy produced is estimated to be approximately 3,600,000 kWh. While the modules will be distributed upon a cliff gully, the plant design, however, will not produce any negative impact on the hydrological aspect of the site, tending to improve and eliminate the erosive phenomena typical of cliff gullies by the use of naturalistic engineering operations and the targeted remodelling of the soil.

The site chosen for the construction of the solar-plant is particularly suited to the exploitation of solar radiation. The photovoltaic modules will be positioned on the arrays parallel to the East-West axis with perfect Southern orientation (Azimut - 0) with a horizontal inclination the equivalent of 31° (Tilt 31°), as such maximising the
radiation capture and therefore the production rate of the plant on an annual basis.

The arrays will be optimally-distanced from each other so as to prevent the effect of reciprocal shading, also because of the slope of the earth.

Proceedings authorised according to Legislative Decree 387/2003 and Legislative Decree 152/2006.



Contrada Canne, Roccella Ionica, Reggio Calabria (RC) Calabria - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 8.000.000,00

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