Final draft for the construction of a photovoltaic field with an electrical output of 1.9 MW, in the municipality of Campli (TE)

Ingenium has monitored the construction of the Campli plant, in the capacity of Director of Works and Coordinator of Safety in the planning and execution phases.

The plant is comprised of modules positioned on the ground and affixed by means of tubular steel structures suitably tilted to optimise the angle of incidence of solar radiation. These structures are anchored to the soil by means of galvanised screws fixed directly into the ground.

Mono-crystalline silicon solar panels were used, with a peak power rating of 230 W under standard conditions. There are approximately 9,000 photovoltaic modules for a total output equal to about 1.9 MWp.

For the conversion to alternating current, inverters have been positioned within the cabins of the plant, in which the parallel connections will then be made into alternating current. In addition to the parallel panels of inverters, voltage transformers were placed in the plant cabins. Connections were built between the transformers and associated MT compartments and the delivery hut and the measures room and hence to the ENEL compartment.



Via Floriano - Case sparse, Campli, Teramo (TE) Abruzzo - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 4.800.000,00

Technical services
Sicurezza in fase di progettazione, Sicurezza in fase di esecuzione, Direzione Lavori