Construction of a power line connection from a photovoltaic field, with a total output equivalent to 2.3 MW, to the MT ENEL grid, in the municipality of Lizzano (TA)

With the object of authorising all building activities for the adaptation of Primary Hut 150/20 KV (DP00-1-380101) owned by ENEL, in the municipality of LIZZANO in the province of Taranto, the following actions have been carried out:


-Communication of the commencement of construction for the EXTRAORDINARY MAINTENANCE (Article 5 Law 73/2010) to be carried out within the CP Lizzano building. It has not been possible to build, in time, the necessary link by a series of generators supplied by renewable energy, therefore necessitating a series of building works in order to aThe project involves the construction of a photovoltaic plant with an output of approximately 2.3 MWp in the municipality of Lizzano (TA) in the district of "San Trifone" which will be connected to the public grid with a rated voltage of 20 kV by connection of an "in-out" from MT line "DIFENSUOLA" DP30-08 067 supplied by the primary cabin in Lizzano.

To minimise the impact on the area of the power line connection to the MT distribution grid, it was planned around the existing roads. Furthermore, the path of the power line was defined according to the following requirements:
-shortest route;
-location of existing roads;
-respectful of existing landscape-historic-environmental constraints in the area;
-choice of the best position to lay line in respect of interference with other underground services

The route was finalised as a result of the surveys and studies carried out.

low the provisional connection of the new production unit. With the aim of accommodating the new compartments for the connection, it has been established that it is possible to adapt rooms already designated as bathrooms with minimal demolition work of some internal walls.

- Final draft and paperwork for the application for rural-area permission in accordance with DPCM 12.12.2005 for the construction of a new AT/TR stall in the primary hut with components above ground, AT/MT transformer and an MT section in container.

The management of works for the project has been entrusted to Roberto Lorenzotti.



loc. San Trifone, Lizzano, Taranto (TA), Puglia - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 7.000.000,00

Technical services
Progetto esecutivo dell'elettrodotto di connessione alla RTN, As Built, Direzione Lavori e supporto Enti