Public presentation of the project for the construction of a wind farm in Porto Torres (SS) of the power of 28 MW

This project involves the installation of energy production from wind power, proposed by IBERDROLA RENOVABLES / WIND SRL LUCANA be implemented on the territory of the municipality of Porto Torres in the province of Sassari. This wind farm consists of 14 wind turbines with a power total of 28 MW.
The new electrical substation 20/150 kV project will be located in the municipality of Porto Torres, in "Biunisi" in the vicinity of the provincial road no. 57 Porto Torres - Palmadula. By means of a underground conduit this will be connected to the 380 kV substation owned by Terna for connection to the National Grid.
The wind farm is situated in the south-west of the port and industrial Fiumesanto respectively, and the turbines are located: 6 west of the provincial road No. 57-Palmadula Porto Torres in "St. Helena" and "Margoneddu", 5 to north of the provincial Porto Torres the Hairy-in "Biunisi" and the remaining 3 to the south of the same province in the "Monte Sas Domos" in the vicinity of the quarry. The plant and the works and related infrastructure (underground mains, service roads, utility substation MV / HV) will all be within the municipal boundaries of Porto Torres (SS) while the last section of the conduit in AT and facilities required the antenna connection at 150 kV with 150 kV section of the station 380/150 kV "Fiumesanto" owned by Terna for connection to the National Grid (which provides for the reactivation of a triad on the current 150kV power line n ° 342 "Fiumesanto-Porto Torres ") fall in the municipality of Sassari.

Eolica Lucana srl / Iberdrola Renovables

Zona retroindustriale, Porto Torres, Sassari (SS) Sardegna - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 40.000.000,00

Technical services
Presentazione al pubblico del progetto definitivo presso la sede del comune di Porto Torres (SS)