Supervision of works and coordination of site safety at runtime for the construction of a wind farm in San Giovanni Lipioni (CH) with a total capacity of 10 MW

The building site for the construction of the wind farm in San Giovanni Lipioni consists of the following phases of construction:

1. interventions of accommodation of the access road (SP202) for the transit of special transport truck;
2. construction of new roads, planned in the executive project, for the achievement and connection of the areas covered by the crane pad of the wind turbines with traffic routes and minor works associated therewith;
3. realization of crane pad for the housing of wind turbines and related works of containment and support;
4. construction of reinforced concrete foundations of the wind turbines;
5. realization of minor works of hydraulic surface water drainage (channels of water flow to the ground, manhole covers, etc.);
6. realization of various works of environmental arrangement;
7. construction of underground conduits.
8. construction of the substation and the network works

Eolica Lucana srl - Iberdrola Renovables

San Giovanni Lipioni Chieti (CH), Abruzzo - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 20.000.000,00

Technical services
Construction manager - coordination of site safety - Work Responsibility