Executive project for the construction of a wind farm in San Giovanni Lipioni (CH) of the power of 10 MW

This project is aimed at building a wind farm for the production of electricity by the installation of 5 wind turbines of 2MW of power in the municipality of San Giovanni Lipioni (CH).
The wind farm has been authorized by the Single Authorisation n ° 186 with det. N. DA13/277 of 2011.11.03 by the Abruzzo Region, Affairs of the Presidency, Legislative and Community Policies, planning, parks, land, environmental assessments, Energy - Energy Policy, Air Quality and SINA - Ecological Technical Activities.
The wind farm is located entirely in the northern portion of the municipality of San Giovanni Lipioni, at an altitude ranging from 630 m to 710 m above sea level. The works and related infrastructure (20kV underground conduits, service roads, substation, connection to the distribution network by connecting primary substation HV / MV "Roccavivara" and access road to the park) involving the municipalities of San Giovanni Lipioni and Torrebruna in the province of Chieti (Abruzzo region) and the municipality of Roccavivara in the province of Campobasso (Molise region).
The executive design consists of the following sections: civil works, electrical works, project structures, access road project for special transport and geological services.

Iberdrola Ingenieria y construccion

San Giovanni Lipioni Chieti (CH), Abruzzo - Italia

Starting work


Works bill
€ 20.000.000,00

Technical services
Executive project(civil works, electrical works, project structures, access road project for special transport) and geological services.