Extraordinary maintenance with internal work to the real estate unit in Via Sidoli 24, Milan

The proposed project consists of - from an urban point of view - in an extraordinary maintenance of the property located in via Giuditta Sidoli, 24 in Milan with internal works to the real estate unite registered at Land Register of the city of Milan to the sheet n. 356 mapp. 473 sub. 10. The maintenance is currently intended for residential purposes, it isn't related to the structural parts of the building, doesn't change use and doesn't increase in shape, volume, or surface. From a construction point of view it is internal works aimed at reshaping the spaces, the allocation of the necessary facilities and toilets and implementation of the necessary finishing works (painting, coatings, parts of new pavement etc ...).
Ingenium Engineering has carried out the activities relating to the submission of building practice at the Municipality of Milan, to the supervision of work and updating of land records.


Via Sidoli 24 - Zona Piola, Milano (MI) Lombardia - Italia

Starting work

Idroedil SaS di Salvatore Sampieri

Works bill
€ 40.000,00

Technical services
Pratica edilizia, Direzione Lavori, Aggiornamento Atti catastali