Extraordinary maintenance with internal work to the property in Via Carlo Torre 22A, Milan

The intervention provides, without change of use or alteration of shape, volume, or surface, an extraordinary maintenance within the single real estate unit, not on the structural parts of the building and with adjustment of equipment and remodeling of the interior spaces (ref . Article 64 of the building Regulations of the Municipality of Milan and art. 27, paragraph 1, letter b) LR 12/2005). From a construction point of view it is internal work aimed at reshaping the spaces, at the adaptation of plants and at the creation of works of finishing needed (painting and new flooring).

Ingenium Engineering has carried out the activities relating to the submission of building practice in the town of Milan, to supervision of works (architect Giovanna Corso) and updating of land records.


Via Carlo Torre 22A, Milano (MI), Lombardia - Italia

Starting work

Idroedil SaS di Sampieri Salvatore

Works bill
€ 40.000,00

Technical services
Pratica Edilizia, Direzione Lavori e Aggiornamento Atti Catastali